I took it on myself to write a sequel to Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's
- his romantic satire on love. His fairies return to spend the night in
their favourite woodland haunt but things have changed...

Midsummer Night's Dream makes fun of falling in love. Another Summer Night
makes fun of being in love. What happens to the happy ever after when the
after begins to feel like forever?

Two married couples get entangled with each other - discovering that their
marriages are not as solid as they thought. They all remember a summer
night when they ran away into the woods - long ago when love was young and
everything. Since then time and marriage have left the magic somewhat

Meanwhile Oberon is busy conjuring back the flowery woodland where a
supermarket carpark now stands - unaware that Titania is plotting revenge for
what he did to her. And Puck is happy to help...
Another Summer Night
A play by John Hanson
Copyright John Hanson 2010
"Well-written and compelling" - Soho Theatre